Mountain Bike Tours


IMG_3914New – Baha Ba’r now runs ‘Red, Blue and Green’ level (as per skiing) mountain bike tours with first class Enduro bikes from the top of Mt Bandilaan (621m) to Maite village (sea level). We have found a few ways to get from almost the highest point on the island to sea level (23km / 2. 5 hours). There are 2/3 ways to get down depending on your experience level. Check out our bikes at Baha Ba’r and ask to speak to Rafal, Gen or Steve about the options. We will take you up to Bandilaan mountain in the back of a truck with the bike and you make your way down with a guide (Polish, English, Tagalog, Visaya spoken depending on the guide). Cost p750 per raise (individual) or p500 per person for 2 or more people. We also have another route that is lower down and gives you an hour ‘taster’ of enduro biking (400 pesos / 1 hour). We are also in the process of building a downhill course which was designed by ex Canadian mountain bike champion Dave Watson (who was here in November); he was the guy who jumped across the peloton in the Tour de France in 2014 (and lost his bike shorts on the landing!!!!). The feedback on the Bandilaan trail we have had so far from several of our first customers is that this was the best experience they had had on the island! You get to ride in the cool jungle, great views of the island, descending through rice fields, under washing lines, next to local homes, volcanic rock and limestones….you will need that beer when you get down!
Come to the bar and discuss the course with Rafal, Gen or Steve.



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