Baha Ba’r – Run 2015


Yesterday Baha Ba’r hosted 99 athletes in the 2nd annual Baha Ba’r 10km ‘Beast’ and Fun Run located in Maite, San Juan, Siquijor island. There were 3 races; a children’s 800m race, a cross-country 5km race and a grueling 10km road race. The race competitors included 16 Canadian dentists and support crew who were on the island at the invitation of the Rotary Club to improve the dental health of children. Other noteworthy participants were the local Quicksilver building supply team, the police force and about half a dozen Baha Bar carpenters and builders.

The children’s ‘12 years and under’ race was underway at 6.15AM and was a very competitive dash won by Danny Jumalon (11) in a time of 3 mins 28 secs closely followed by Kyla Mae Camanian (10) and Kristine Mae Jumalon (12). The 5km and 10km races got underway at 6.45AM in the cool morning shade. Both races started on the same course and then after a km and a steep ascent to the village of Cang-Obao the course split; the 5km went in the woods and 10km continued it steep ascent to the village of Cansayang. The 5km race was a closely fought affair but in the final 2 kms Michael Butt tore away and won in an impressive time of 20 minutes and 6 seconds.  The fight for 2nd place was a sprint right to the line between Julio Gasper and Michael Gintella; Michael won out in a time of 24.14.  A gallant and impressive effort saw Sue Baker win the women’s section in a time of 24.34 secs.

The 10km race was decided almost in the first km as Jay Libanta led from the start and completed the course in a record time of 57 mins and 37 seconds followed by Kirk Jumanan (58.18)  and Vern (58.50). The women’s section was won by Baha Ba’r’s own Gen Albino in a course record of 71.13. The finishing times were very impressive as I would argue that you would be hard pressed to find a harder 10km road race anywhere in Asia as the course winds very steeply from sea level to 250m altitude before undulating for 2km and then steeply descends back to the Baha Ba’r. There were 4 drink stations on the 10km and 2 on the 5km route all manned by local residents of the village of Maite. A big thank you to all the volunteers, police and ambulance staff who turned out to assist for the morning.

Baha Ba’r race had 2 other categories, the over 35 years and Local Resident category. For a second year in a row the over 35’s was won by Douglas Balwit  in an impressive time of 62.20 but special mention must go to Murray Bohn (one of the Canadian dentists on mission work) who is 69 years old and completed in an amazing time of 67 mins 1 second.

The local and Baha Bar staff and Maite resident competition was won by Roger Mamilpil (69.16) but had it not been for 2 nails that were being prized from his foot Tedong Tumala, a gardener at baha Ba’r was well ahead but had to stop 500m from the finish line to attend to his injuries. I see revenge in 2016!

There were cash prizes for the top 3 (M and F) in the 10km and over 35 and local categories were complimented with spot prizes of Baha Ba’r swag.

The day was a great success and went smoothly….thanks to all competitors and volunteers who willingly donated their time. 2016 will be a closely fought affair I am sure!

Baha Ba’r will reward any customer of Baha Ba’r with a swag prize who can complete the course in a time of under an hour for men and under 1 hour 10 mins for women! But you have to be honest!!!! as this year we caught 2 guys riding on the back of vehicles for part of the course and then dashing across the line in jubilation!




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