Douglas Workshop Gallery – Napo village, San Juan


Douglas Balwit (also known as ‘Woodpecker’) is a very familiar figure on Siquijor Island. If you don’t know him personally you will recognize his work, the ‘Easter Island’ like figures, some over two metres high are his creation. He carves in all types of wood and even has used the local limestone. He will carve Buddahs to Gremlins to order and most of the figures at Baha Ba’r and U-Story are his work. Douglas works closely with other artists on the island and his gallery, just outside of Napo village but close to Coco Grove resort, hosts over 30 paintings and carvings by local artists. It is well worth a visit. Ask Douglas how he found out he had a talent for carving: it is a fascinating story.

Oh and by the way Douglas is also an amazing mid distance runner having won the ‘over 35km’ category ‘Baha Beast’ 10km run twice in its first 2 years of operation.



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