How to get to Siquijor Island?


From time to time I receive e-mails from people planning to visit this beautiful island named Siquijor. They ask about many things, but most frequently how to get here. That is why I decided to share most effective and cheapest ways to reach that region in The Philippines. I’m sure all of you will find it valuable, doesn’t matter you already keep your flight ticket in hand or just decided to visit Philippines in the nearest possible time.
First of all – here, like it is in many other places, expect changes! This is the island and both ferries availability and their timetables changes frequently and if you are about to come, just ask me directly.

Airplane to Philippines? Yes, of course.
Airplane to Siquijor? No! It is small island in Central Visayas. There is a tiny airport here, but far too small to take regular air traffic. That is why Siquijor is easiest to reach by ferryboat from one of the neighboring islands. Let’s start from beginning thought.


Flight to Philippines

In that case you have two options: to choose flight to Manila or to Cebu. These cities have biggest international airports. It is up to you what you choose. Simply, it is always worth to check connections to these two airports.

In case you land in Cebu

Cebu to Siquijor 

First of all you need to find taxi, which is not difficult. If you are landing in the morning, there is no problem at all. Directly from the airport you can go to ferry port and get everyday 1pm ferry to Larena (one of the cities on Siquijor island). If you are landing later, it is better to find a hotel and buy ferry ticket for the next day. Ferryboat ticket price vary from 340 to 450 pesos depending on the seat. Leaving Cebu at 1pm, you reach Larena about 11pm. That ferry is not direct one – it stops on Bohol Island for 2 hours, however you do not have to leave the boat as it continues after the stopover.

There is also direct and faster ferry from Cebu to Siquijor –  Ocaen Jet. It is much more expensive (about 2000 pesos). To summarize: quick and expensive ferry from Cebu to Siquijor Island:
Slower and cheaper: 

All adventure lovers, who do not need to get from A to B in easiest possible way, may consider another option during the day: you only need to get from the airport to Cebu South Bus Terminal and buy coach ticket to Dumaguete (about 250 pesos). Coach journey takes about 5 hours via nice coast road (including short ferry trip) and next, there are regular ferries from Dumaguete to Siquijor between 6am and 6pm. Ferry trip from Dumaguete to Squijor takes average 1,5 hrs.

Attention! Direct connections within that option are very rare. More frequent would be coach from Cebu to Liloan ferry port (3-4hrs, about 200 pesos). You leave coach there and take ferry to Sibulan (about 60 peso). After 20 minutes you reach Negros Island. There you get jeepney (10 pesos) or tricycle (much more expensive) and after next 30 minutes maximum you reach Dumaguete and buy ticket to the ferry to Siquijor.

That trip may look like difficult one, especially with lot of luggage, however, it is a good lesson too – you may learn all Philippine traveling options in one
Current pricelist and timetable on Liloan-Sibulan way are available HERE

In case you land in Manila:

Manila is situated in northern part of Philippines and from there the best choice would be direct flight to Dumaguete (either Cebu Pacific or Philipine Airlines). Ticket prices vary depending on when you book, if you get promotional offer etc., however they shouldn’t exceed 350 PLN (4400 pesos). You can book tickets online of course. There are usually two Manila – Dumaguete flights per day.

Attention! Cebu Pacific is a budget airline, so you need to pay extra for registered luggage.
Links to webpages where you can book tickets:  or

There is also possible to take ferry from Manila, but I do not recommend that solution. Ticket price is twice or more than twice lower than airplane, but journey takes more than 24 hours. It may be really exhausting and you lose your time on the ship.
Unless somebody likes to watch sunsets and sunrises being on the sea…
Choosing ferry you can book a cabin with bed in different classes and in higher ones you usually get meals included to the price. In case you choose lower class you can always buy meals separately of course.

Reaching Dumaguete you can start to fell like you almost reached the final destination! From Dumaguete you can easily see Siquijor island which is about 20 km away. Now you need to get to the only ferry port in the city and buy ferry ticket. As I mentioned before there are regular ferryboats available. They are leaving every 1-2 hours, tickets cost between 100 and 200 pesos (no more than 18PLN) and after maximum 2 hours Siquijor welcomes you.

In case you need any support with getting here, please write to and I will try to help.Cheers, Rafał

how to get to Siquijor from Cebu 


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