Century Old Balete Tree – Fish spa


The Balete tree in Campalanas is believed to be about 400 years old and this may well be true as the famous Balete tree in Canlaon City (Negros Oriental) is believed to be a staggering 1,329 years old. The peculiarity of the Campalanas tree is that a fresh water spring emanates from its roots. Locals have constructed a pool adjacent to the tree to capture the water and have stocked it with Garra rufa (Doctor fish….the ones that nibble your dead skin!). These fish originate from the river basins of the Middle Eastern countries and are now commonly seen worldwide at expensive spas but can be experienced for free in Siquijor.
Another peculiarity of this tree species is that it is believed they possess spiritual powers and are home to folklore spirits called Tikbalangs. Tikbalangs are said to play tricks on visitors! however these acts of trickery but can be neutralized by wearing your shirt inside out!….You are warned!

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