Cambugahay Falls


One of the larger rivers on the island is the Po-o, which cuts through limestone hills to the Convent town of Lazi. Approximately 3km into the hills behind Lazi the beautiful Cambugahay Falls are worth visiting but are by no means the only waterfalls on the island but due to their popularity they have parking, a reasonable path and mobile vendors who can sell you a cool drink on a hot day. The falls are a few minutes walk off the road and comprise 3 or 4 stepped pools, each deep enough to wade at least and one you can comfortably swim 15-20m from one side to the other. There is a rope swing set up over one of the pools which is often the focal point for groups of locals setting themselves up for a few hours ‘playing Tarzan’ and having a picnic. There are many waterfalls on the island but only a few reach the guidebooks, Cambugahay is the most famous.

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