Underwater world on siquijor


Although fairly unknown as a tourist destination the diving around the island of Siquijor is nothing to be missed. With calm waters and very little currents it is a very dive friendly location bristling with multiples of species during different seasons. From the juvenile and tiny creatures found in the Muck Diving Mecca of Maite or the many species of Nudibranchs found throughout the rich coral reefs. It is common to see turtles, sea snakes and frogfish! All without the crowds of huge dive resorts and visiting ships.

Situated directly East of the brown volcanically heated sands of Dauin on Negros Oriental and South West of the dive popular island of Bohol, Siquijor offers amazing experiences for all levels of diver. With patience and a local dive guide it is possible to cross off many “Bucket List Creatures” such as the mating pairs Mandarin Fish or the tiny Hairy Algae Shrimp.

Below are just a few examples of images captured exclusively by one photographer off of the Western beaches of Siquijor Island.

For information on diving or photographs contact  jan@scubasnap.com


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