Intramurals Day – Carmelite College


IMG_9508On the 10th of August we come to celebrate the Intramurals Day or best known as the sports week of Carmelite College. Carmelite College is a newly built school in the town of Siquijor. The school was run over by Carmelite Nuns and it is a private and Catholic School. Now not only that the students have to compete in sports but they also have other activities that includes a cheerdance competition, singing competition and traditional dance. Furthermore they also have the Oration, or best known as a competition for public speaking or speech and in the late afternoon they held a small pageant which is known for Mr. and Ms. Intramurals which represents for each grade level of the school. After that is where they held the sports activities and other competition games.IMG_9419

Now back to where they had the singing competition. The first competition was sang in the local dialect, it could be ballad or anything in Cebuano and the next is the Duet where mostly the singers on stage sang love songs; but this one its already in English. The enthusiasm of the students are quite as estatic as everyone is cheering for their team.


Next is the oration or best known as the speech competition. Each level has one representative to present on stage. Whoever speaks the best and memorized it will get good percentage points  for their team. But It wasnt quite what I was expecting because I was thinking they could have had different speech entry to every level but thats how it works in their school.


Another competition was the traditional dance or known as the folk dance. Everyone was wearing nice traditional costumes; more like Spanish style thats if you know that Philippines was under the Spanish regimen for over 300 years. It was so colorful and lively when they started to dance. Everyone enjoyed it. And Lastly was the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals. Whoever answers the best question and answer portion and also best in costume win.







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