Craft beer on Siquijor


ABC Craft Brewing is the first and only craft beer on Siquijor.  Located in the Visayas on the beautiful island of Siquijor, this craft brewery is dedicated to producing craft beer the old fashion way.  Using only natural ingredients and open pot brewing, ABC produces a variety of craft beers.  Our initial line of beers are delivered exclusively for the Baha Bar located in San Juan.  Here you can enjoy them fresh from the Tap or bottled locally.  Our American Pale Ale has a hint of citrusy aroma with a pleasantly refreshing combination of Pale and Cara Munchin grains that will please any beer lover.  Our IPA is a bit stronger with a medium level of hoppiness that arouses your senses.  Our most recent addition of a Belgium Blonde is light and refreshing.  Come join us and enjoy beer the way it was meant to be produced.  You will not be disappointed!

Craft beers Philippines
Craft beers Philippines


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