Cabugsayan Falls


Among all the most interesting spots on Siquijor island, there is one you simply cannot miss – Cabugsayan Falls.

No, Cabugasayan Falls are not these best known everybody goes to. Nevertheless this place is absolutely unique: quiet, not too crowded, surrounded by coconut palm trees and other beautiful plants. Just perfect to relax and chill out while enjoying peace and clean, blue water. Want to jump to the natural pool? No problem, it is safe, 6 meters deep. Want to hide in a tiny cave under the fall? Yes, you can. Want to lie on the sunbed or swim on a bamboo raft? Just do it! Just visit this place.

Cabugasayan Falls are easy to get there. Going from San Juan towards Lazi, just after passing Tignao barangay you will see road on the left with signs leading to the Cabugsayan. Don’t stop at Lagaan Falls even if people try to convince you that is exactly your destination. Continue about 300 meters and you are there. The local family who takes care about this spot will direct you to the place you can leave your motorbike. You can also choose short walk through the jungle. Whatever you decide, you will finally get to the stairs leading directly to the place which is so romantic, that you may want to spend all day there.

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